Sanger & Fowler Health Clinics

Sanger & Fowler Health Clinics

United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley

Sanger & Fowler
New community health facilities for two health care professional underserved communities

United Health Centers (UHC) delivers approximately 200,000 medical, dental, and other service encounters per year. The centers are staffed by a comprehensive team of over 400 health professionals: physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, lab and x-ray technicians, dentists, dental hygienists, nutritionists, and certified ancillary personnel — many of whom are bilingual.

The ethnic composition of the patients served by the centers is 91% Hispanic, 1% Black, 7% White, 1% other. UHC locations accept various modes of payment, including Medi-Cal, Medicare, and private insurance. Services are provided to patients without insurance on a sliding fee scale according to the patient’s ability to pay. The Sanger and Fowler clinics are a part of UHC’S ongoing efforts to meet the demonstrated need for health care services throughout the Central Valley. NMTC financing was used for construction, equipment, furnishings, and supplies.

Community Impacts

  • Created 90 construction jobs and 78 permanent jobs that pay an average of $38.40 in wages and benefits
  • Targeted hiring efforts to low-income persons and residents of low-income communities
  • Upon completion, will provide over 48,000 healthcare appointments to 12,500 patients annually
  • Minority-led organization reflective of the population the clinics serve

Project Participants

  • Central Valley NMTC Fund, LLC
  • United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley
  • US Bancorp/US Bank Community Development
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