Ricardo Arredondo

Welcome Home Funding (representing Madera County)
Regional Manager

Ricardo Arredondo was born and raised in Madera. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and worked as a mortgage lending professional within the real estate industry for over 20 years in the central San Joaquin Valley. He served ten years on the Board of Education for the Madera Unified School District, where he spearheaded policies to improve and increase services to disadvantaged students and their families.

Mr. Arredondo’s work on career and technical education led to the introduction of career pathways and facilities dedicated to providing children with exposure to career opportunities they might not otherwise have experienced. His efforts resulted in over $200 million of new development in an area that has been in desperate need of economic stimulus.

Mr. Arredondo is consistently working to improve the standards that define community quality by challenging the status quo and exploring good and innovative opportunities.