Bobby Kahn

California Central Valley Economic Development Corporation (representing Madera County)

Bobby Kahn serves as the Executive Director of the Madera County Economic Development Commission (MCEDC), a joint powers agency comprised of the County of Madera, the City of Madera, and the City of Chowchilla that serves to improve the economic conditions and lives of the people within Madera County. The efforts of MCEDC are greatly needed to address the unemployment rate in Madera County, which is consistently nearly twice the national average. The poverty rate for individuals is 21 percent.

Over 30 percent of children within the County live below the poverty line. As Executive Director, the MCEDC develops the comprehensive economic development and jobs growth plan and strategies for the County of Madera and its cities. Mr. Kahn currently serves as Secretary/Treasury of the California Central Valley Economic Development Corporation. CCVEDC’s mission is job creation within an eight-county region that makes up California’s Central Valley — an area whose unemployment rates are well above the State’s average.

Mr. Kahn has also served as Chairman, Central California Valley Economic Development Corp., Founding Member, Madera Compact; Member, Past Board Member, Madera Private Industry Council; Past President, Madera Chamber of Commerce; Past Chairman, Madera City Planning Commission; Past President, Madera Community Hospital Foundation.